TURKEY, 2015: A travel on the road, across Trukey from Black Sea to Mediterranean side. Anatolian Plateau, border between Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. A travel across history, where people adapted to live in any kind of territory.

CUBA, 2015: Santiago to La Habana, a travel from south to north along one of the most interesting and controversial country of the world.

A SMELL OF INDIA: In 1961 Pier Paolo Pasolini and Alberto Moravia made a long travel across India. A smell of India is the title of the book where articles by Pasolini have been collected. That book inspired me along the journey in the places I visited 50 years after them .

WORKERS: MOROC 2011 is a collection of pictures among the local workers met walking in the moroccan cities

CROSSROADS is a project realized during NYC Photoworkshop 2012 arranged by Spazio Labò with the special teach of Stefano De Luigi

LISBON:  Wandering in Lisbon. You can get inspiration from many things, touristic spots, silent churches or a monastery, or even better in an accidental frame along the way.                                                                                                          ©  Lorenzo Montanelli 2015